September 17, 2008


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Carlos Echevarria

It is sickening how CNN, Gloria Alred, Jonathan Martin and others are spinning this like it’s ok because she sent 1 email to Parnell regarding some media outlet!!!!!

What happened to those liberal ACLU types, fruit of the poision tree????????????????????? Only when it benefits a Dem.

Josef K

I have a few tips about how to protect yourself and open government at https://skagitimstipline.blogspot.com/2008/09/not-to-be-political-but.html.

Hondsehol Agmed

How did Sarah Palin get elected? Bad move if the republicans were looking for female voters? Most of us who are following this election and actually listening to what Sarah Palin has to say (not looking at the winks, dresscode/pumps, lipstick and nail polish and how "she talks like me" - I would prefer someone who doesn't talk like me to be vice president and possibly president). We are back in the fifties if the Republican party wins. Sarah Palin will be a puppet. Sarah Palin’s body language and facial expressions doesn’t match that smile on her face. If you want to kick someone’s ass, you are not smiling when you are angry and bitter…she is possibly the most false person I have ever seen. At the end of the day we can dissect each candidate with false body language and emotion. Sarah Palin is a dangerous woman. Be careful America, be very very careful! If you have traveled outside our borders you will know what I mean...I'm a proud American, but traveling these days makes me ashamed to say I'm American…I admire her for choosing to have a handicapped child, but I want to make that choice for myself. I will answer to God, not to the Republican party…doesn't mean we all have to do it…are we going towards back street abortions and girls and woman dying of infections again…do you remember that? Now lets talk about family values...she has a teenager who is pregnant...nice christian values? Lets not pretend her values are so much greater than the next just because she is pro choice. Kills animals and drinks beer...WOW (wonder if she wears lipstick and nail polish when she shoots these poor animals)! She is a go getter huh? I like McCain and he is an intelligent man..Sarah Palin might be smart, but she comes across as an absolute idiot. If McCain becomes president, that is okay, but Sarah Palin as our vice president it would be a disaster. She is George Bush with boobs. We have no credibility left in the world already! We don’t need 4 more years of Republicans running this country and making decisions. We need new and fresh ideas…the “old school” ideas doesn’t work anymore! Don’t you get it?…are we not supposed to be the most “powerful country in the world” How much more of this crap do you have to put up with…I'm a proud educated American woman, and can't believe I used to be a Republican and voted for Bush the first time! LET’S BE BRAVE AND VOTE FOR REAL CHANGES!

discount coach

Just for today I will adjust myself to what is, and not try to adjust everything to my own desires. I will take my "luck" as it comes.

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