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September 14, 2008


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I've heard this rumor for a while, but I didn't really take much stock in it. However, you raise some valid points and I really wonder whether something like this scenario is in the works.

One thing that I considered after reading this piece is how it will affect Hillary personally. It's awfully difficult to pin the Clintons to anything because they are very calculating in a political sense.

I see as many reasons for Hillary refusing the offer as much as I see them for Hillary accepting. If she accepts, it could very well propel Obama to a narrow victory (right now I see McCain winning by at least 5-6%). That would definitely help the Democrats in the short term.

However, does it help Hillary in the long term? She's in her early 60's right now and if Obama gets two terms, she'll be in almost the same position that McCain is right now, agewise.

In addition, a VP replacement at this point also opens Obama up to the charge that he's indecisive, something that will not help his campaign (I mean, if he can't make a decision for VP, then what will he do in a truly serious situation?).

It is entirely possible that Obama would risk it, and I would agree with you that if it does happen, it'll be after the VP debate.

Rachel Sprague

How can any Hillary supporter support Sarah Palin? I am stumped. Her policies are the complete opposite of Hillary's for the most part. Even if you take away the lies and rumors, there are a LOT of problems with Sarah Palin. She is attractive but the power is an illusion. The McCain camp controls everything she does. And just for a refresher, here are the problems: lack of wildlife protection, backwards climate change views, extreme right (more right than some Muslim countries) abortion stance, possible cronyism, lies about the bridge and earmarks, the Troopergate investigation, attempt to ban books, rumored attempts by her church to "convert" gays, lack of eduction and informed world view, etc. I just don't see how any of you who were for Hillary can be for this woman. It makes no sense.


I agree with Matt. How can you cut off your noses to spite your faces when it is presumably your core values and principles that propelled you to support Hillary Clinton? Are you so bitter that you would rather sacrifice the economic and social interests of yourselves and your families just because Hillary isn't the nominee? It is sad. If McCain/Palin win, we will have you to thank and you will have no one to blame but yourselves. And we wonder why women are always referred to as too emotional and lacking good judgment and reason...wow, maybe they're right.

B. Wannamaker

The stategy to replace Biden with Hillary on or about October 5th is Obama's "bait and switch" technique. Notice the speeches that Biden has commented that Hillary is better qualified....and he has also referred to his health problems. Biden is setting the stage for Hillary's appearance on the ticket which will be after the Oct. 2 debates........from sources within the DNC


Apparently the Demecratic party didn't have much faith in Clinton to start with and now they see their chances slipping away and will try whatever they can to win. The Democratic party isn't thinking about the this country they just want to keep all their cozy jobs. McCain/Palin might not be the best choice but Obama/? is definitely not the right choice for America. We as a nation cannot have an undecisive party running this country. Palin has more experience than Obama in the first place. Besides, experience in the Congress or Senate now days is bad experience, and we don't need bad experienced leadership we need new leadership! Someone that is going to help break bad habits. I can't believe that people Dem or Rep would even consider putting a Muslim in charge of our good old "In God We Trust" nation.


This rumor of Obama being a Muslim is still going around? Really? The problem with blogs and forums is that stupidity really travels fast. Just sickening.

I'm not for the Republican ticket this time around, but even if I was, I would make sure I was informed about what is true and what isn't. I know it's easy to just spew out what your talking circles say but take it a step farther and check things out before spreading wrong information.





Oh My goodness, How on earth would you want to vote for Hillary and NOT Sarah Palin. We need a woman who is not afraid to stand up to the issues. This nation needs to turn back to the roots that this country was founded on. IN GOD WE TRUST. Yes we need pro life, yes we need to turn gays around, yes we need a whole lot of what this woman has to offer and obtain. How can people be more concerned about WILDLIFE and NOT HUMAN LIFE!!!!


If you listen to video's from OBAMA himself he clearly states he IS A MUSLIM...ooops and then says oh um Christian. I have never stumbled in stating what faith I am.

Barry James Brown

Gee... why would we wonder if the son of a muslim with not 1, or 2, but 3 muslim names that attended a muslim school ... MIGHT .. be a muslim. But, who cares if he favors muslimism, he attended the hate-whitey church for 20 years! So which is it, muslim or hate-whitey. You choose, regardless, this man has no business in the White House.

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