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September 20, 2008


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GO Sarah!!!



"Are you people crazy?"


"This woman who runs against earmarks has covered herself in earmarks"

Governors cannot request earmarks. Someone as smart as you should already know that.

"this woman would send rape victims into the arms of illegal abortionists"

Wrong. She made a personal choice to be pro-life. Apparently, that's not a 'choice' that you respect. Even Dems in Alaska say that she doesn't put her personal beliefs in the way of governning. 75% of Alaska Dems approve of the job she's doing in their state. The abortion hysteria is getting a little old, don't you think?

"this woman supports big oil and not working people"

LOL! The working people of Alaska have been getting refund checks from their state government since their budget now shows a surplus, partly because of increased revenues created by taxing 'big oil'.

"this woman knows NOTHING about the national economy or international politics"

Actually, by bringing her state into a fiscal surplus, she obviously knows more about managing an economy than Barack Obama. As far as international politics, she's about on par with Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and GWB when they were running for President. The only difference is, she's not running for President.

"this woman has lied and manipulated her way into politics"

Actually, she won all of her races fair and square, unlike Nobama, who managed to have opponents disqualified or smeared. He's never run an honest campaign in his life, and his work before politics reeks of scandalous, back-room dealmaking. Sorry, you struck out with your post...




I will vote for the integrity, experience, wisdom, dedication, character, and the servant heart of John McCain (he has longevity in his blood line look at his mother), over the youth and the LACK of experience, LACK of judgment, and LACK of character of Obama, any day! I think that Republican DR. Martin Luther King Jr's Dream would be realized if Obama would NOT be elected on the 'Content of his character.' Obama is the one who has made this about race. Obama has too much of a shady past.

McCain-Palin is who we need-character, honesty, integrity, and a dedication to service to their country. They are both proven! NEED I SAY MORE?


Good news from a Milltary poll: https://elections.foxnews.com/2008/10/21/poll-troops-support-mccain/


I wish that Bush's 'handlers' would get off Palin's back and let her BE HER. There is rumors that if Mc Cain loses they will blame Palin. If he loses it is because he is fighting a battle with one hand tied.. he acts like he doesn't want to be TOUGH. Sure, be descent when need be, but tell the American people the TRUTH ! .. We need a good dose of Sarah Palin !! - Tell it like it is girl ! - Anyone who is a cocktail D.C. insider wont like the lady who is not a MILLIONAIRE ! - And I think she deserves votes from WOMEN, cause FRANKLY IT IS OVERDUE. MEN ARE SEXIST, MEDIA IS UNFAIR .. WOMEN SHOULD BE IRATE...AND DO NOT LET PETTY FEMALE ISSUES OF JEALOUSY, come out ! - we are not in HIGH SCHOOL anymore. GO GET EM SARAH.. YEAH !

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