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October 05, 2008


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B. Hussein Obama

Voter-fraud task force raids office backing Obama



This isn't a real site. It's an astroturf site.

There are no real people here whose errors can be corrected. This is a Republican manufactured site. It isn't even run by a woman. Look at the Whois and it's owned by someone named Shane.

This is a phony pro-Palin site.

There are hardly ANY pro-Palin sites out there that are real. Don't believe me, google it.


b. hussein, thank you for reminding everyone that Obama is lying by denying his muslim faith. He confessed to G. Stephenopolous, before the unbaised interviewer corrected him.
Your bais against anything positive being said about Sarah is proof positive she intimidates you spineless libs!


Pls. tell Sarah don't lose her morale on what the media is doing to her. I believe in her and she need not be defensive or offensive. take a stand for what she believes in: PRO life, Love of Country, Family, Integrity. Take down Obama at his weakest: Abortion and gay marriage!!! Emphasize your stand on this and you will regain your base of support. The Conservative Christian Group who are frustrated you have been avoiding this one issue Obama cannot stand against. Will you send this message to Sarah or her Family? hMCCain's campaign is keeping him off the issue that he can win! Remember, we all got excited with Sarah because she is prolife? From then on it faded because we really have not heard both of you raise this issue against Obama. you cannot fail on this!. Economy? It will be better if we follow God's will first! Tell Sarah pls!!!


Tell Sarah do not try to please the media because they are just about to tear her all the way down. Be strong and make your stand in integrity and honor. Remember your theme country first and your votes are coming from PRo lifers, not the liberal media and the feminists. start making a stand against giving a license to kill unborn and born babies!!! Keep the sacred marriage as God wants it to be. Rally the people to rise above themselves and stop looking at the physical attributes and empty promises. Tell the people we have hard times ahead but with God's help and our faithfulness to Him, we will come through! Tell Sarah and John please!!!

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They really dont like each other right? :) I dont know exactly what palins plan here.

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